Maastricht, Transforming Synergy

The most important event of the beginning of this year finished – my first exhibition in Maastricht finished and I trying to make some conclusions.

That was quite challenging to make concept and adapt to this unique place. Discussions about display and lights sometimes were not possible to realize due to material or technical restrictions and even preparation of all exposition was perfect sample of synergy.

Nevertheless I’m very pleased of this exhibition and efforts made resulted in good display and interesting discussions with visitors. Zen-Buddhism, Afghanistan, Astronomy, History of Europe and Art of Europe, metal and silica Technologies, Chess, development of Netherlands Ceramic Industries and current status of once so known in Europe Dutch Ceramics – just few of subjects of discussions.

I would like once more thank everybody who visited this exhibition and demonstrations as well as special thanks go to B32 Team for challenges taken and facilitating of this very important for me event. Double work for my daughter Kristine in the role of curator of this exhibition – she had not only to deal with ambitions of an artist but in the same time had to try deal with her aging father:). Despite of all “sparkling synergy” during preparation process we still communicating – and that is great:))).


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